Steelhead fishing with Craig Paulson
Dedicated to the pursuit of deep digging, muscle popping King salmon and hard-charging, acrobatic steelhead. The icons of the Pacific Northwest! We scour the bays, estuaries, streams, creeks and tributaries of Southern Oregon and Northern California in our quest for quality fishing experiences for you.

       Whether you prefer mooching for Chinook salmon in the jaws of our majestic bays, thrilling white water hook-ups on our beautiful rivers or the quiet solitude of a primitive launch on a remote creek... we cater a trip to your specific desires. Years of dedicated research (i.e., fishing obsessively) have resulted in a vast accumulation of secret spots, and not-so-secret spots, combined with local knowledge that can put you on the “go-to” spots for any conditions. Old or young, novice or pro, any angler is a welcome angler...
      Let's go fishin'!!!