What do I bring?
On any given day conditions are changing hourly at best. We advise you to dress in many layers; fleece, wool and silk work well in winter. Extra clothing can be stored on the boat or worn as necessary. Be prepared for rain in fall and winter, and we mean heavy duty raingear, not the lightweight kind that is fine for summer. Windbreakers are always useful when trolling, and a good hat keeps off both rain and sun. Gloves and rubber boots are advised for winter months, and river sandals are handy in the summer. A small cooler with drinks and lunches is okay, but please donít bring the kitchen sink. Space on the boats is limited. Things tend to get wet so pack cameras, binoculars, snacks and extra clothes in plastic bags for as much waterproofing as possible.

What if it rains?
The fish donít care. As long as there is a river in shape, we fish! Bring good raingear, boots, gloves, a hat, and dry clothes for the ride home. We provide heaters on the boats so you can fish comfortably.

Do you provide lunch?
No, however local restaurants and deli counters can provide sack lunches at reasonable prices, even at 5:00 in the morning.
Just ask us and we will get you fixed up for the day!

Can I bring my own fishing gear?
Sure! We match our rods and tackle to the conditions, techniques and species we are targeting. We are committed to sharing our equipment and experience with you, however if you want to share your equipment and experience with us, we enjoy that, too!

How many people can go on the boat?
Bring all your friends, we will just hire more boats! We prefer to put 2 anglers in a driftboat for balance and optimum fishing, though we can fish 3 in a pinch. Sleds seat 5 anglers and are very comfortable for children, wives and the elderly. If you have larger groups, we will provide a team of experienced, licensed guides.

How long will we fish on our guided trip?
When you hire me, I work for you. We do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Hard core, dawn-to-dusk fishing is my style, however anywhere on the spectrum from dark-to-dark is okay with me.